Goats: a round up

Over the past few years I have written and broadcast fairly regularly about the inappropriateness of increasing the number of goats in Africa. I regard the marketing of goats as a solution to poverty as little more than a disingenuous marketting trick . And this combined with my other criticisms of the way some charities undertake their fund raising has brought me a reasonable level of support, and I also believe it has brought significant support to the World Land Trust. It has always been my policy to noy shy away from controversial issues. Burning ivory, driven grouse, lead in shot, releasing millions of pheasants into the wild, killing badgers are just a few of the topices which I once wrote about in my WLT Green Diary.  This new blog will continue that tradition, and as before whenever possible I will also continue to link my blogs (or rants as they were known in the Office) to something relevant to World Land Trust.

So for a bit of historical background for those that have never read me before, here are a few of my ramblings about goats. And incidentally, I have also included a link to one of my favourite local farm shops. Foodie friends Thom Eagle and Lola Demille agree with me that their Goat Sausages are among the best we have ever eaten.






great goat sausages




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