Leading the way to poison

Lead is well known to be a poison. And for that reason, lead was banned in petrol. How perverse is it then that game (such as deer,  hares, grouse, pheasants and many other species, as well as ‘pests’ such as rabbits and wood pigeons can still be shot using lead ammunition. Not only does this mean a huge quantity of lead is scattered into the countryside, it also means that a lot of it ends up in the game consumed.

I can recall  many, many years ago working for an organisation that can remain nameless (it’s irrelevant which one) that in the afternoon, some time after three pm (in those days the licencing laws closed bars at 3pm) we would get old buffers phoning up sounding gaga rather than simply a bit drunk. And I used to joke that they had probably eaten to much Grouse over the years and were suffereing from lead poisoning. It seems with the benefit of hindight, I might well be right.


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