Tweeting etc

I was asked recently how it was I was able to tweet fairly regularly (well not that regularly) when I was sitting at my desk at work, no doubt engrossed in serious affairs of the world. The answer is actually quite simple; I use two screens, and work on the main screen, but keep a couple of applications open on the other. These app’s are normally my office diary and my twitter account. And every half hour or so, I stand up and stretch. A very important part of keeping healthy if you lead a largely desk-bound life. In those few minutes I will check my tweets, and also sometimes my emails. I am not someone who opens every email as soon as it comes in; I do check them at regular intervals, but if I have a meeting with other staff, I try to make sure I am not in front of a computer. Similarly, when I am travelling, I keep my phone on, but switch it off when I arrive at a meeting. Not being dominated by mobile phones is easy for me – where we live has no reception. So I have never got into the habit of relying on it. But back to twitter; it is really the only bit of social media I use on anything like a regular basis. It is a good way of keeping up with people on the move, like Mark Avery, Chris Packham, and Bill Oddie. By being surrounded by much younger staff, who are social media savvy, various robots and other things I don’t (want to) understand, feed things I do into Facebook and Linkedin. Perhaps one day I will find out how to use these effectively. But meanwhile keeping an eye on my twitter account seems to be as good a way as any of keeping up with significant events.


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