What stimulated me to think about this was seeing the new logo for a charity I knew very well. It became very fashionable some time around the late 1960s/early 1970s for corporations and then charities to ‘update’ or even redesign their logos. I was very conscious of this, because it was at a time when I was working as a designer. It was very profitable — companies paid thousands, or even tens of thousands of pounds, doing market research and testing new designs. But there was, and still is, very little evidence that many of these ‘updates’ and ‘rebrandings had any lasting benefits. The most recognisable brand and logo in the world, is almost certainly Coca Cola. And yet it is also one of the most ‘old fashioned’.  This is because every time a logo is modernised, very often it simply gets out of date even quicker.  Often these issues are not fully understood those making decisions. The Directors of a company all think they know what a brand is, they think they know what constitutes good design, what makes a good logo. But rarely do they under stand the nuances. A good logo, is simply one that is recognisable, and is associated with the company. A brand is far more complex. And so is design. But as any one who has read Northcote Parkinson will know, everyone has an opinion on bicycle sheds, but no one knows about nuclear power stations…..


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